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Nitigura Needld Mat

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What is Needled Mat?

Needled mat is manufactured from uniform length continuous fibers that acer opened uniformity, made by a mechanically bonded (needling) with no additional any binders. The characteristics are no-smoke generated, excellent vibration and dispersion resistance.


  • 1. Manufactured from mechanical bonding(needling),no additional binders.
  • 2. Excellent heat-resistance,flexibility. Molding, press are available with various binders.
  • 3. Excellent sound adsorpion properties.
  • 4. Temperature range available from 200’c - 1200°C.


  • 1. Insulation for boilers, microwave, engines.
  • 2. Silencers, muffler, exhaust system.
  • 3. Heat resistance gaskets, packings.