Look to Nitigura for all your heat resistant and thermal insulation materials, be it glass, alumina or other fiber resource.

We continue the development and technical analysis for industrial development for future. It is our mission that every our products are useful for everyone.

Our products

  • Nitigura Needld Mat

    Manufactured from mechanical bonding(needling), no additional binders. They are insulation used for boilers, microwave, engines, muffler system.

  • Metal Fiber Products

    Made from stainless steel wire by shaving method. They are used for sound absorption and insulating filter material in muffler system.

  • Stainless Mesh Products

    Made from stainless steel wire by press molding method. They are used for sealing, sound damping and shock absorption for mufflers system.

  • Metal Products

    Main product is Perforated Tube which is part of muffler assembly. Our specialist can support complicated design of tube.

  • Glass Fiber Products

    E-Glass have many excellent physical, thermal, chemical and electric characteristics. Many applications for many different fields can be applied.

  • N-Silica

    N-Silica is composed of high-silica fiber. It has good flexibility, heat and chemical resistance, electric insulation at high temperature conditions.

  • Cerabric

    Cerabric is composed of ceramic fiber which has good heat and chemical resistance (mainly acid resistance) with small volume organic fiber and reinforcement core fiber (glass fiber or stainless fiber).

  • Almina 7

    Alumina 7 is composed of continuous fiber without B2O3 composition. Alumina 7 has excellent heat-resistance, high strength modulus, electrical insulation ability.

  • TAIEN Products

    TAIEN products is composed of 100% special carbonized acrylic fiber. It has excellent flameproof, adiabaticity.

  • Hi-Coat Cloth

    Hi-Coat cloth is made by glass fiber cloth with silicone, PTFE and others. It can be used in outdoors and wet circumstances.

  • Nitigura Insulation Jacket / Energy Saving Jacket

    Nitigura insulation jacket is good for saving the energy by suppressioning the heat dissipation. It is made by using the Hi-Coat cloth and other glass fiber materials. Customizable size and design.